What's your website done for you lately?

Is it an active participant in your business-growing efforts? Does it generate leads and encourage clients to connect with you?

Or do you find yourself constantly apologizing for your site because it's:

  • Outdated
  • Boring
  • Failing to show off your skills
  • Not resonating with your customers

If you're like most entrepreneurs you are it - the one and only person handling sales, research and development, balancing the books, marketing and taking out the trash!

So while "Update Website" perennially sits on your to-do list, it's constantly kicked to the bottom, put off, . And when you're busy with client work or hustling to get more work, it's hard to set aside time to get your site updated. And when you do - yikes! what to say? 

Suddenly your business becomes complicated and hard to get out in words. How on earth are you supposed to boil it all down and give your clients a enough of a taste of what you do without drowning them in a fire-hose amount of information?


I get it. I'm a web designer and a copywriter so just multiply your website shame by 150 and that's how crappy I've felt when my website gets dusty. I get engrossed in client work and after a day of design, the last thing I want to do is stay at the computer even later and work on my own things. There's dishes to do and mountains to climb.

Sometimes I sit down and write content only to realize later that I've broken every rule of copywriting. I've done exactly what I coach my clients not to do. Because writing about your own business is hard!

It's hard to gain perspective. It's hard to view your business objectively. It's hard to write from your client's point of view. It's really hard to climb inside the mind of your client and know exactly what information will tip the scales in your favor.

The thing is, your voice is essential to your business. Especially if you are a solopreneur. The good news is you can write your own website copy. It can be easy. It can flow. 

I know, because that's how I keep myself on track. And I use the technique to help my design clients with resounding success.