Part 1 of the Rock Your Message series originally sent as an email series to Moxie Tonic subscribers.

So just for a refresher - I'm Natalie, the brand strategist and content coach behind Moxie Tonic. I help entrepreneurs connect with their ideal clients and grow their business through strategic and engaging online content.

Yet...I struggle to send out my own content. I guess that's a confession of sorts, but the really juicy confession is still coming.

Do you ever get into a project knee-deep in client work and forget to keep the things going that will keep paid client work on your desk -- lead follow up, asking for referrals, submitting guest posts, updating social media, blogging, etc.?

Yeah, me too. (Again, this isn't the confession.)

Action expresses priorities. -- Mahatma Gandhi

Looking at my day, the action I take reveals my priorities. If a thriving business is my priority, yet I fail to take action, it's not really my priority.

What do the hours I spend playing Candy Crush each week tell me about my priorities? (Yes! This is the confession you've been waiting for. I love the soothing explosions and the small gratifications of passing a Ninja level.) I can't keep a straight face and say, "Candy Crush is more important than my business."

I can hardly choke out the words. Sounds so ridiculous!

For many months and with the help of a fabulous business coach, I've journeyed towards purposeful action. Returning to consistent communication one of the last steps.

Over the next few weeks I'm sharing tips to help you unify and solidify your brand message. Each email will contain actionable steps to help you realize your priority - grabbing hold of the business of your dreams and pulling it into reality. 

If your priority is to connect with your ideal audience and grow your business - I can help you! 

So stay tuned and join me on a journey of action.



P.S. Do you have a Candy Crush in your life? How do you complete the sentence...

"________________ is more important than my business."