Sometimes I yearn for 2003. I could slip into some Crocs, watch the last season of Friends and dominate the creative entrepreneur blogosphere. 

I'd have to build my site on Yahoo, I think? Blogspot, maybe? Was that even a thing???

There was so little competition -- no one was writing about our topics. We could have had the biggest readership ever!! But since time travel is proving difficult to invent, I've got an easier way to grow your readership...

Start thinking about your Blog Post Titles and Email Subject Lines as Headlines.

Writing really, really good headlines will:

  • Increase your site traffic
  • Boost your open rate
  • Up your readership
  • Smash your click through rates
  • Make you glad you still live in 2016 and don't have to use Blogspot anymore

What Makes a Good Headline?

The #1 job of any headline is to get the viewer to read the first paragraph. 

Pretty simple. But also, not so simple. 

When it comes to writing blog post titles and email subject lines, creative entrepreneurs need to think like marketing pros. Drawing on proven copy writing strategies, attention-grabbing headlines will help you achieve your objective.

I have 8 favorite techniques that I use to create fantastic headlines. Each technique taps into the emotions of the reader and lets them know you've got a great message to share:

  1. Make a Promise
  2. Create Mystery
  3. Get Descriptive
  4. Start a Story
  5. Create Scarcity or Exclusivity
  6. Target a Pain Point
  7. Hint at the Unexpected
  8. Pull Back the Curtain

Ultimately, taking time to craft your titles and subject lines like the headlines found in newspapers, magazines and top online content sites will help you stand out in the crowded Internet marketplace (and you don't have to give up the comfort of living in a world with smart phones).

 Get more blog traffic and improve your email opens by writing compelling titles. Get the free tip sheet at

Get more blog traffic and improve your email opens by writing compelling titles. Get the free tip sheet at

How You Can Become a Headline Writing Pro

To help kick off your headline writing, I've prepared a tip sheet that explains how you can write headlines using each of the 8 techniques I just listed. 

I also give you oodles of examples so you can easily jump into writing attention-grabbing headlines for your blog posts and emails.

To get the Free Tip Sheet, How to Write Surefire Headlines, click the button below: