Does it matter what language you use to describe your business? Can verbiage impact actions? Can you control the type of clients that comes your way?

 How to choose words that attract the right type of client for your #photographybusiness #marketing #branding

How to choose words that attract the right type of client for your #photographybusiness #marketing #branding


When was the last time a garbage can stopped you in your tracks? Up skiing, enjoying the majesty of the Rocky Mountains, the word landfill vs trash made me regret needing to deposit waste into the can. At lunchtime I took extra care to appropriately sort my trash.

Impact Your Photography Marketing with the Right Words

Subtle changes in word choice makes a big impact on the type of client that decides to book a photography session with you.

In securing her niche, my photographer-friend Rosie figured out her ideal client fits into a category of people who drive Infinities. They weren't looking for a Mercedes M-Class, but they were willing to pay extra for amenities and experience -- they wanted something special, something not everyone gets.

Looking at Infiniti's marketing, she borrowed language from their campaigns and sprinkled it in her marketing. She avoided anything that made her sessions seem run of the mill. She focused on creating a feeling of exclusivity. 

Pretty soon 60 percent of her clients rolled up to the photo shoot in their Infiniti - no lie!

What's your niche? What words attract them?

Big companies and brands pour millions of dollars into market research. They know exactly what words, language style, and tone reels in their target market. To reach your ideal client - just borrow what you see them doing!

Find brands that target your audience. Look at:

  • Magazine covers
  • TV ads
  • Websites
  • Email marketing
  • Promotional brochures

This list could go on forever because marketing is everywhere - tuning into it and asking yourself "why did they make that choice?" will open yourself up to a world of ideas. Take notes and use them next time you reach out to your clients.