If you’re like most creative entrepreneurs it’s easy to procrastinate marketing your business. You know you should fill your website with engaging, fresh content. You know you should send regular email communications. You know you should constantly work to fill your client-pipeline to your business will grow.

But you don’t.

Why do creative entrepreneurs avoid marketing?


Twitter, Facebook, Vine, your own website, networking, email marketing – creative entrepreneurs can drown in a sea of marketing options.

There’s No Time

Just like Jack Bauer, you’re the only person who can do the vital things to keep your business alive. Current clients need service right now, cultivating future business relationships will just have to wait.

Sleaze Factor

You don’t want to do anything pushy or seem desperate. No one wants to be that used-car salesman.

These are all valid reasons for avoiding traditional marketing. There are too many strategies available, you are busy, traditional marketing interrupts and annoys people. There is, however, a better way. You don't have to be overwhelmed! You can propel your business forward without adding “marketing” as a specific line item on your to-do list.

 Having trouble getting around to marketing? How creative entrepreneurs can build their business without having to add marketing to their to-do list. #nomoremarketing #smallbusinesstips #photographybusiness

Having trouble getting around to marketing? How creative entrepreneurs can build their business without having to add marketing to their to-do list. #nomoremarketing #smallbusinesstips #photographybusiness

The Answer is Branding.

Branding is not marketing. Marketing is a push – you send your message out and hope it pushes people to your door.

Branding is a pull – you build a value-based business, focused on solving problems. At every step of the way you ask, “why would anyone care about my __________?” The quality, intensity and passion that radiates from your brand pulls people toward you.

Branding infuses your message into everything your business does. Your brand spreads the word about your business for you. It creates something powerful -- a story that people weave into their own, a place people want to belong, staunchly loyal clients who know why they choose you over the competition.

Isn’t this all just a mind trick?

You might say – this is just all semantics. I’m still marketing my business.  I’m still sending out emails. I’m still updating web content. Branding vs. marketing doesn’t change anything other than the way I think about it.

Exactly. Because mindset is what it’s all about.

Do you send a monthly email to your clients because

  1. you're trying to stay top of mind, or because 
  2.  your brand is built on consistent communication?

Do you update your website with new products/services because

  1.  you want to generate new sales, or because
  2.  your customers rely on you to help them stay up with current trends?

Do you share client stories on social media to

  1. emphasize how great your product/service is, or to
  2. create community?

Which motivation drives you to actually email, update and post?

The first answer is for marketing mind-sets. The second, is for brand-centric businesses that radiate their energy through every aspect of their business - from their website, to their print collateral, to their customer service. 

Clients won't feel cajoled or tricked into doing business with you. They'll come because your energy pulls them in, they will be there because they want to, and they will tell your story and spread your message for you!

Ready to stop marketing? Ready to be more brand-centric?

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