Once upon a time, creative entrepreneurs sneered at marketing as either too costly or too sleazy. We chose instead to grow our business through word of mouth and relied on chance to drop customers from the sky.

Then one day, along came branding and won our creative hearts with it’s visual beauty.

“Finally!” we shouted. “I can get the logo and website of my dreams. Using my mood board and lifestyle photos I will grow my business with a beautiful, personally tailored brand.”

With time, the spring of branding-love is fading. Instead of riding off into the sunset with their Prince, Creatives still struggle to find customers and grow their business. While the creative business landscape is certainly more beautiful, it’s not the Happily Ever After ending branding promised.

 To get your business Happily Ever After, it takes more than the right look. You need the voice, the values and the hard work. Be a Cinderella @Moxietonic.com

Cinderella vs. Her Stepsisters

The magic of branding is the difference between Cinderella and her Stepsisters.

Cinderella, is a workhorse and she makes things happen. Covered in ash and scrubbing floors is not very attractive -- she’s calloused, unkempt and run ragged. Yet, hidden beneath her tarnished appearance, she is a true gem.

The Stepsisters are lovely on the outside, but harbor jealousy and bitterness in their hearts.  Giving their time to finishing-school pursuits, they’ve never learned to roll up their sleeves and scrub a floor. They believe they deserve the love of the Prince, but aren’t doing much to earn it.

The Prince is our ideal customer. He will whisk us away to our business Happily Ever After if only we can win his heart.

Don't Be a Stepsister

Like the Stepsisters, Creatives are instantly attracted to beauty. Instead of a gown and glass slippers, we reach for visual branding with new web design, logos and styled photo shoots. We miss out on business growth when we:

  1. Ignore the importance of brand voice
  2. Look down on marketing techniques
  3. Avoid consistent strategy
  4. Forget to focus on the customer
  5. Talk features instead of benefits

If we remain stubborn Stepsisters, unwilling to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty, our businesses, even our visually branded businesses, will never win the Prince. We’ll get one dance, maybe, but not a forever and lasting piece of his heart. 

How to Be Cinderella

Being Cinderella takes focus and some serious elbow grease. It combines visual branding with a clear brand voice and consistent strategy. But developing your brand voice and strategy can be fun! It's a journey of self discovery that will kickstart your marketing efforts and build a connection with your ideal client. 

To get started:

  1. Develop your values
  2. Identify your motivations
  3. Figure out your customers' problems and how you solve them
  4. Stop avoiding traditional marketing tactics
  5. Share freely and consistently 

The best part of being Cinderella is that we get to do all those things while wearing a beautiful dress.

The hard work and strategy gets us to the palace gate.

The visual branding catches the eye of the Prince.

Our values and voice capture his heart. 

We don’t even have to leave at midnight. We can grow our business, attracting as many Princes as we want. As a never-ending stream of Princes will fill our dance card our Happily Ever After will start to come true.


That's what Moxie Tonic is all about -- the pizzaz, sparkle and fun (that's your brand visuals and voice) mixed in with a bit of hardworking tonic (that's the thoughtful, consistent strategy).  You can eliminate marketing overwhelm, gain traction in your online efforts and find your Prince. Get Started!

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