A simple guide and workbook to help you shape your creative business brand message. More at MoxieTonic.com

A simple guide and workbook to help you shape your creative business brand message. More at MoxieTonic.com

You're not plain vanilla. 

You're a hot fudge sundae, or maybe a banana split. Either way - you've got something special to offer clients - if only they knew.

Most creative entrepreneurs spend all their time talking about their services. Which makes them a dime a dozen - no different than anyone else trying to make a living from their passion.

But you're not the same! You're special. You're a triple decker, hand-dipped waffle cone. When you start telling about all the special toppings you bring to the table - that's when people sit up and listen.

That's when people say - "Book me now!!!!"

If you want to be more than a business - if you're ready to be a brand - something that people want to be a part of - then this guide and workbook is for you.


One of the common struggles I hear in my one-on-one consulting is:

"I have too much to say and I don't have anything to say." 

The pressure to get it right, to know what to say and to get it into words is very real. 

Most creative entrepreneurs struggle to identify the right way to convey the passion and energy that fuels their business in a way that connects with clients.

It's tempting to turn on the firehose and drench prospective clients with all our best information and hope that something sticks. But that rarely works. No, it hardly ever works.

The one thing you can guarantee each and everyone of your prospective clients cares about is:


Not in a "I'm so self-absorbed I don't see anyone besides myself," kind of a way. But in a "I'm looking out for myself," kind of a way. And by "looking out" your client means she's always open for new ways to solve her problems and take one more step to a happier life.


You have skills and talents your customer does not. She needs to hire you to fix her problems -- be they as small as needing the perfect gift for her best friend or as big as finally finding an form of exercise she doesn't hate. 

Figuring out what those values are and how to keep the focus on your client...that's the key to a good brand voice.

Brand voice helps business and clients connect through shared values. And when she values something you can provide for her -- that's when she will hire you.

The only tricky part is how to say that all on your website and social media in a way that makes the deeper, emotional connection with your client.

Thankfully, Don't Be Bland, Be A Brand, is here to help you out.

In a simple workbook format, Don't Be Bland, walks you through a question and answer process to help you:

  • Figure out what your client values
  • How you provide the solution
  • And how to write web copy that connects with your ideal audience


"This business is my side hustle and I have very limited time. It's hard to know where to focus. Natalie helped me clarify my goals, identify my audience and feel more comfortable with my own voice." 

 -- Marissa Barrett, NovelCreature.com



  • 3 key elements of a strong brand message
  • How to connect with your clients
  • Genuine ways to position yourself as the solution
  • How to stay focused on your prospective client
  • How to compile your About Page without getting stuck
  • Where and when to incorporate your brand message into your marketing efforts


  • Understand more about your ideal client 
  • Write for your website with ease and confidence
  • Clearly express to your prospect the benefits of working with you
  • Start to gain greater traction with your perspective clients

And best off all...this workbook is available for independent study -- at your own pace. For only $19 you can kickstart your brand message and get on your way to connecting with your ideal client.