Go to the Ball!


Go to the Ball!


The beauty of Cinderella is not in her dress. It's her kind heart and hard work that get her to the ball to win the heart of the Prince. Take the awesome power of your creative passion and combine it with a solid online marketing plan - and you get a the same results - a Prince head over heels in love with you. 

Ok, truth be told - I'm fresh out of Princes. But I have plenty of ideal customers just waiting for you to learn to speak their language. But all the same, they can whisk you away to business-growth Happily Ever After. And that's not to shabby.

If you're ready to eliminate marketing overwhelm and gain real traction online Go to the Ball! is an in-depth consulting package that identifies your authentic brand voice and applies it to a solid strategic plan.

Ready for my Makeover

The online marketing world is twitterpated with branding. Those of us in the creative business crowd are positively swooning! Finally, a marketing strategy we can get behind.

After all, it’s pretty, and we creatives LOVE pretty. Pretty websites, pretty logos, pretty Instagram feeds, pretty graphics…the visual side of branding is fun and it speaks to our creative souls.

But as you and many of my creative friends are realizing; there’s more to branding than just visuals. Branding needs messaging with the right words and online outlets that need the right strategy.

 Branding is more than looks. It's your true, authentic voice and constant strategy that makes your business worthy of the Prince. More at MoxieTonic.com


Cinderella didn't win the Prince's affection just because she was pretty. Sure, that helped. In fact, her beautiful gown got his attention. But the dress didn't earn her the second dance, Cinderella herself got that second dance, and the third and ultimately the Prince's total devotion.

Just like the dress, your brand visuals only get attention. It can't seal the deal. The real magic is in your true, authentic brand voice and how you share it with your customers. It's your most powerful tool because:

  • Is uniquely yours & can’t be copied
  • Speaks directly to your ideal client
  • Deepens connection and relevancy with your clients
  • Creates satisfied customers who will sing your praises ( >ahem< ... hello, referrals)

When you identify your Brand Voice you’re empowered to speak directly to the people who need your products or services. You will touch their hearts and solve their problems. In turn, they will refer their friends and fill your business with more and more ideal clients.

Imagine never wondering where your next client will come from.

However, your brand voice is really only as good as your brand strategy. Otherwise, your pumpkin coach might take you to the wrong castle.


Your brand strategy is the road map keeping your brand on track and propelling you to your happily ever after. Sometimes Creative Entrepreneurs avoid marketing and strategy for the same reasons the Stepsisters only focused on their outward appearance.

Visual branding is fun and invigorating. Marketing and strategy feels boring, overwhelming and a little bit pushy.

And yes, a lot of online marketing strategies can be just that – boring, pushy and overwhelming.

But not when paired with your brand voice.

Matched with your brand voice, your online strategy becomes a natural extension of your daily business interactions. There’s nothing boring about interacting with your loyal client base.

There’s nothing pushy about authentic communication with your ideal clients. You're helping them understand how you can solve their problems.

Online overwhelm, however, is very, very real. Everything is always changing – the rules, the platforms, where your target audience hangs out. If you're a creative entrepreneur you're probably also wearing all the hats -- accountant, salesperson and marketing pro. It's too much for one person, but we do it anyway.

You can get lost and stuck in the overwhelm or you can grab a map and follow it to your business goals.


Presented in a 25-page report, Go to the Ball!  pairs the passion of your brand voice with a solid marketing strategy. It's your personal ticket beyond the overwhelm. 

This one-of-kind analysis and consulting package not only provides insights about your brand voice, it's packed with action steps toward your goals.

The action steps? That's the road map I keep talking about. 

Social media overwhelm? Eliminated.

Spinning your wheels online? Gain real traction.

Dreaming of a strong and profitable business? Meet your Prince.

Your GO TO THE BALL! road map will transform the way you communicate and interact online so you can grow your business. It applies your passion for your creative business pursuits with a thoughtful, strategic plan to get real results!

Your Go to the Ball! Consulting Package Includes:

  • A brand profile revealing your authentic motivations and values
  • Profile review & analysis against the four key brand elements: unity, purpose, reflection, and spirit
  • Website & social media accounts viewed through the lens of your identified brand voice
  • Simple, clear actions steps that will guide you toward the business of your dreams

Your Go to the Ball! road map is delivered in a detailed report that lays out the path toward your ideal clients and the business stability you yearn for.

Your brand deserves to find it’s authentic voice.

Your website and online efforts need the energy and passion you bring to your business.

Together they need a solid plan to move forward so you can spend more time working with clients you absolutely love.