Don't Be Bland, Be A Brand Workbook


Don't Be Bland, Be A Brand Workbook


Don't Be Bland, Be A Brand  is a 14-page workbook course that walks you through the process of developing your brand voice and using it to connect deeply with your ideal client.

After all, you're not plain vanilla. 

You're a hot fudge sundae, or maybe a banana split. Either way - you've got something special to offer clients - if only they knew.


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When you start telling about all the special toppings you bring to the table - that's when people sit up and listen.

That's when people say - "Book me now!!!!"

If you want to be more than a business - if you're ready to be a brand - something that people want to be a part of - then this guide and workbook is for you.

During the course of this workbook you will:

  • Identify the core strengths and passions you bring to your business.
  • Paint a picture of your ideal client so you know who you want to reach.
  • Focus on the values that drive and motivate your client.
  • Discover your key values and how they complement your client's values and needs
  • Begin to shape your message in terms of solving your client's problems. 
  • Tell your clients why they should care about your business (in a way that really matters to them).

As you shape your communications into a cohesive brand message - your business will start to grow! You will feel like you've cracked the secret code to authentic marketing. 

And it's true! A cohesive brand message will help you:

  • Stop wasting time in Facebook groups and actually use them to make real connections
  • Gain traction as those connections lead to more potential clients eagerly engaged with your business
  • Build momentum for your business as those potential clients become real, paying, ideal clients.

And it's all because you will know how to shape your message in a way that is relevant to your client.

So don't wait - the process is less than $20 and an hour of your time away.

It's a pretty sweet deal for something that will revolutionize how you think and talk about your business and services.