Hello, Friend! I'm Natalie.


Today’s savvy consumers are burned out on big-box everything. Instead, they seek one-on-one connections with business owners and the flexibility that comes with personalized products and services.

That’s why entrepreneurs like you are the wave of the future.

The combination of your mad, amazing skills with your unique, compelling services create a business-building tour de force.

But if you're struggling to be heard over the din of an increasingly noisy marketplace, I've got a little secret for you:

Shouting is overrated.

Today's marketing is less about how loud you broadcast your message, but how deeply it connects with the right people. Consistently telling your story and pulling back the curtain to reveal how you solve your client's problems grows business faster than any flashy marketing blitz. 

This is your brand story: who you are and how you solve problems.

What does that look like?

My 15 year career spans multiple fields – graphic design, copywriting, journalism, customer service, client communication and outreach, event promotion and more.

All of it gives me the experience to help entrepreneurs find their unique and compelling brand voice and use it to:

  • elminate social media overwhelm
  • gain traction with their online pursuits
  • build the business of their dreams

Beyond Branding & Strategy

When I'm not geeking out over ways to make strategy more appealing to entrepreneurs, I'm chasing after my kids, running away from my kids and having loads of fun with my kids. I've got four of them, all boys.

Things get crazy-rambunctious around here - baseball, music lessons, soccer, you name it! We ski in the winter, rock climb in the summer - two passions I gladly share with my family. But running. That one is mine. It's the time I need to refocus, regroup and revitalize. Just me, my tunes and road stretching out for miles.  

I'm a podcast junkie - totally on the Big Magic bandwagon. I also love Being Boss, Another Mother Runner, The Axe Files, Cracked, Sawbones, anything from This American Life producers and about 37 others. If you want the whole podcast list, just email me.

Or if you're thinking...hmmm...I could use some help with my branding voice, strategy or even a whole new website – Click the link below and get started with a free branding guide or send me an email.