This might seem weird to ask, but what has your About Page done for you lately?

It's not like it's going to load the dishwasher or change your oil (though I wouldn't say no to that). But as a part of your virtual team, it's OK to ask your About Page to pull its weight around the office.

Most About Pages, though, laze around, eating potato chips and watching TV court dramas. And that's cool...unless you have a business to run. Then, not cool, About Page, seriously, not cool!

If you are everything in your business from CEO to mailroom clerk, you need to jump at every opportunity to delegate responsibilities.

Your About Page can (and should!) take some of the load off your shoulders - especially when it comes to finding your ideal client. 


  • Introduce your audience to the purpose of your business? 
  • Help prospective clients know they've found the right place?
  • Position you as the right person to solve their problems?
  • Highlight shared values and make a personal connection with your ideal client?
  • Invite prospects to take a step closer to becoming a client?

If your current About Page doesn't help out, it's not too late! You can turn this highly read page of your website into a friendly receptionist with the heart of a salesman.


My branding clients all have the same list, "Things I'm Procrastinating," - and at the very top of the list sits:

"Write my About Page." 

The struggle to get it right, to know what to say and to get the core of your being into words is very real. 

Drawing on my experience as a copywriter, journalist and content strategist, I started coaching my clients through writing their About Pages. Eventually I developed a system that guides creative entrepreneurs through the essential elements of an About Page and avoids writer's block by breaking down the process into easy-to-follow steps.

Until now, this signature system has only been available to my one-on-one coaching clients. But with this workbook, I'm making this easy approach to About Pages available to who wants to write a winning page.

In fact, I'm making the system available to anyone who wants their About Page to create a connection with their ideal client and grow their business.


Your About Page is one of the most read pages on your website. It is a tremendous opportunity to concisely and boldly declare what you do and who you do it for. If you do it right, your About Page will answer your prospective client's questions and move them one step closer to becoming a paying clients.

If you are ready to get your About Page into shape and working hard for your business - seize the day. Don't wait any longer to revamp your page into something really useful. 

If you want to avoid hassle, struggle, writer's block and About Page Anxiety - you need About Page Mashup.

"About Page Mashup is simple to use. It breaks up everything into manageable pieces and walks you through every step, so when it comes time to put your About Page together, it's a piece of cake."  --Yanet Hernandez, Corp.img


  • The 5 key elements to a good About Page
  • What your clients want from your page
  • How the best in the business write their pages
  • The problems your clients face
  • How to position yourself as the solution
  • Ways to connect with your clients and build trust
  • How to compile your About Page without getting stuck


  • Share your personality
  • Clearly identify what you do and who you work with
  • Encourage your ideal client to connect deeper
  • Grow your business as it guides potential clients closer to working with you

And best off all...your page will be FINISHED!!! 

"My new page is much more focused on what my audience wants and what I can do to help them get it. About Page Mashup helped me get clear on what I do, what I offer and most importantly who I want to offer it to. Like wow! I've never gone into that much depth about my ideal client before!"  --Tors Grantham, Speak Easy Media


I believe your power as a creative entrepreneur lies in your personal voice. Allowing your individuality and character to shine through is essential to connecting with idea client. If you can combine the power of copywriting strategy with the compelling draw of your own voice - that is where the magic happens! That is when your ideal client will know they need to work with you.  

A big motivating factor for creating this course (besides a personal crusade to rid the world of boring About Pages) is to bring creative entrepreneurs the power of copywriting strategy, without the years of study and practice and without the big price tag. 

Copywriting courses start in the $1000s. Hiring a good copywriter to write your page starts out at $200.

Unless you've spent years studying and practicing copywriting techniques, doing it yourself costs you lots of time struggling to get it right.

About Page Mashup provides an affordable option that keeps your personal voice intact. Buying the course:

  • Saves you money (by not making you buy the heavy duty copywriting classes)
  • Saves you time (by not making you take the classes to learn the techniques)
  • Saves you headache (by not making you struggle, edit, and rewrite your page until you can't see straight).

Priced at $97, About Page Mashup keeps you in the driver's seat and your brand voice coming authentically intact. 

For a small fraction of the professional price, you'll be able to write your new About Page in one or two afternoons and then get back to what you love best - working in your business. 

"It can be so stifling and intimidating to just sit down with a blank page in front of you and write about yourself. About Page Mashup leads you to essential statements that you need to make a connection with potential clients." -- Susan Kelly, Three Sisters Flowers


Q: Who is this course for? Will it work for my business?
A: About Page Mashup is designed with creative and passionate entrepreneurs in mind. This means photographers, business coaches, bloggers, graphic designers, marketing consultants, artists, makers, wedding planners, florists and anyone else making a living with their talent and their passion.

Q: Writing an About Page stresses me out. How will this time be any different?
A: About Page Mashup breaks the writing process into two main steps. Answering the worksheet questions is as simple as telling someone about your business, like an interview. Your answers become the material you’ll need for writing your About Page. By the time you get to the compiling stage, the main points are written and all you have to do is organize them into a cohesive flow. 

Q: How long will it take to complete the course?
A: Plan to spend 5-8 hours reading and learning the About Page Mashup system and writing your new About Page. This is an in-depth course that results in a top-notch About Page.

Q: Writing isn’t my thing. Will this course help?
A: About Page Mashup is perfect for creative entrepreneurs who struggle to put their passion into words. Even clients that don’t care for writing report the Mashup system is easy to use and steers clear of writer's block.

Q: What if it doesn’t work for me?
A: About Page Mashup is backed by a 30-day guarantee. If it’s not your jam, return it for a no-questions asked, full refund.

"This is a lovely guide through the process of writing an About Page. It gives clear actions throughout and puts strategy in your writing. About Page Mashup makes your About Page so much easier to write." -- Eadaoin Curtin, Fire Child Photography


Writing an About Page is a huge source of stress for creative entrepreneurs.

About Page Mashup is designed to skip past the frustration and go straight to the information you work with every day. 

It's a simple method that will both eliminate writer's block and allow you to shine bright. It answers the questions - how much do I talk about myself? why would anyone care? and what's the point of an About Page?

If you're ready to conquer your About Page and write a compelling story about you, your business and your clients, download your copy of About Page Mashup today!

P.S. I am excited for you to tap into your voice and the power of solid copywriting techniques. About Page Mashup will walk you through a simple and stress-free process. Your ideal clients will thank you for it. Get your copy now!